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The House That SHE Built: Where are all these volunteers coming from?

Though women have long been involved in the construction industry – both on the front lines and behind the scenes – they’re not often the first demographic you think of when it comes to skilled trades like carpentry, excavation, plumbing, or engineering.

The House That SHE Built seeks to change the notion that women don’t work in these highly-skilled and in-demand professions. This kind of visibility is much-needed for women in the construction industry. The response we’ve received has confirmed it!

So many amazing volunteers and sponsors have come out of the woodwork (pun intended) to get involved in THTSB. And while our project is based in Utah, a substantial number of volunteers have come from all over the United States!

Our Utah volunteers are incredible. To have even MORE help coming from all corners of the country is significant. We’re grateful that our mission has had such a visible reach and impact. We’ve had volunteers on site from New Jersey, Oregon, Kansas, Massachusetts, Washington, New Hampshire, Indiana, Georgia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Montana, and more.

That’s a good chunk of these United States, but who’s counting? 😉

The best part: when all’s said and done, we’ll have a house to show for it! We can’t thank our sponsors, volunteers, and organizers enough.

To follow along and learn more about our volunteers, check out our Instagram @thehousethat_she_built, our Field Team page, our Design Team page, and our Leadership Team page.

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